What can help the long-lasting Pigmentation?

Male or female, we have all been there the pigmentation!! sometimes it's temporary and sometimes it's permanent and we all have our way to deal with the situation. When it's slight, or in initial stages, we might react fast and find out all the remedies we find on the internet and use it on our face. But what if it's a little more than that and the home remedies are not helping?

We rush to the dermatologists and tell them the situation. They write a prescription for us, with a long list of pills and ointments to cure, but they hardly help. So what is it you wanna do then?

When the pigmentation is not helping itself out of our face, we just have to give it a little push so that it can find its way out. And for this, you might need a very good dermatologist and not the one around the corner of the street. You have to research a little more on google and the search can also add up for cosmetologists.

So there are a number of varieties of treatments that can help you get rid of the pigmentation without any painful procedure or side effects, and hence choosing the right doctor to find the treatment is important. For example - there are chemical peels, spot peels, skin polishing, and a lot more depending on your problem. The costs of the peels may warry from 3000 - 10,000 per sitting while the skin polishing may cost somewhere between 25,000 - 40,000 depending upon the location of the doctor.

While pinpointing to a doctor make sure you read all the reviews on google, make sure you enquire about all the prices once you consult the doctor, and do ask for a discount it's not a fucking MRP, and they hardly pay their taxes. When you take the treatment per sitting the price varies than you take it as a complete package. Make an informed decision and remember no person is flawless !! Even Sonam Kapoor has to conceal so many things.

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