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Updated: May 17

We all know that, a long long time ago two most influential people in Telugu States got hitched and it made waves. Yes I am talking about Upasana Kamineni and our beloved Ram Charan. While Upasana is a third generation girl in an influential business family i.e, Apollo , Ram Charan is a well known figure being son of Chiranjeevi and himself being a Protagonist in many films. When the news hit the media, one of the most searched name was Upasana. While many people talked about her weight and other negative aspects, there were a minority sect of people who wondered as to how this wonderful, intelligent lady said yes to a person coming from a film background. But yea, their voice couldn't be heard in that noise and their awe never showed up. Upasana is one sweet of a gem with nice loving personality not only to a fellow human being but also to the animals. One can easily get attracted to her confidence, the way she carries herself, her speaking skills and the way she puts her sole into any project she takes up. But people were blocked just at the way she looked and they could never look beyond that body. Are looks the most important of all? One can always change the way they look but can they change their personality ?

Well changing personalities that are ingrained deeply is a myth and people who have body shamed her might have learnt at least a little by seeing the way she transformed herself in such a short amount of time. Now that people started following her, raises a different question - is it only because she looks good now? Guess its something we can never know !!

But keeping all this stupid debate of who is better than the other aside and cutting off all the negative energy, the couple have grown stronger and beautiful by the day. Hope they have a much more beautiful way paved ahead.


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