Is glorifying men doing household work necessary?

As we are all stuck in our homes from the last couple of months the internet is flooded with a number of motivational videos, talks, webinars, and so on. It is a never-ending line of videos on Instagram and Facebook. And one that caught our eye is " MEN IN ACTION ". Yes, you heard it right !!

We saw a lot of celebs and other men uploading the household work they did at their households and how they are helping out their wives. And then comes the media through Television channels, Newspapers, Social media, etc., glorifying, appreciating, and clapping for these men.

The men are just doing their household chores and its something that should be treated as normal as women doing household chores at least now in 2020. Okay, it's good that you appreciate a man doing his work but one can also appreciate women doing the same work. For example, let's say a male celeb put up a cooking video and then a female celeb puts up a cooking video - the result is the male celeb gets the most Aww..'s at the end of the day. This is because the women taking care of household chores is taken for granted while the men are never taught that it is also their work.

Glorifying these men is not going to solve the problem, it's important to teach the men that they are equally responsible to do the work as women and it has to be ingrained in their brains that they are not making a favor upon women in sharing the workload. A piece of advice for boys here - being a macho means respecting, loving, and sharing the workload with your women and no lady likes an egoistic person. ( Yea there are people who think having ego makes them cool - no it doesn't in this present world. Be empathetic. Its high time we are good to each other )

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